(Supply & delivery of One (1) unit Fruit Dehydrator and two (2) units Grinder/Pulverizer (Applicable for Coffee and other crops) for distribution to the recipients/co-operators of the Organic Agriculture Program)

July 06, 2018


In view of the scheduled opening of proposal last June 22, 2018 at 9:30 in the morning for the above named project, Only One (1) bidder submitted its bid proposal, however, during post-qualification conducted by the Technical Working Group (TWG), it was declared post disqualified for failure to comply the required bidding documents, particularly, AMTEC Test Result, pursuant to Section 35.1 (a) RA 9184 and the Revised IRR, the bidding for the above contract is hereby declared a FAILURE.

The Secretariat is therefore directed to facilitate the second bidding without delay in the interest of service.


ROSARIO C. SALES                                                                                  
Chief, Admin & Finance Division
Chairperson, Bids and Awards Committee